Dev release v0.4.0

This developer release marks the completion of a few of our high-priority features. We've also squashed several bugs and added additional settings. We are still on-track for our Jan 1 release of v1.0.0, and might even have a couple extra features ready in time!

  • Added collapsible sections to sidebar menu
  • Added editable language strings for sidebar menu section headings
  • Added administrative settings to show/hide quick links and custom pages menus
  • Made quick links editable through the Language Strings editor
  • Added options to hide the OTP/auth type login fields if desired
  • Changed default auth type to Local
  • Added links to custom pages within the page listing for admins
  • Added WYSIWYG editor for custom pages
  • Page/menu permissions refinements
  • New domains are now assigned to the user who added them
  • Added progress bar on Dashboard, showing users the percentage of domains / domain limit (this is hidden for admins, as they are exempt from the domain limit)